About My Work by Erica Grooms

For every fear that shakes you,

For every moment you lose a little hope,

For every emotion that needs healed,

There is an angel, who whispers…..” I am here”!

My greatest gift is to ignite the spark of enthusiasm and excitement in others and help them to connect to their angels and guides, their soul’s path, their true essence and to raise their vibration to fifth dimensional frequency.  The ultimate achievement of my life expression is to change the consciousness of others so that they aspire to their highest ideals.

Through my Inspirational Coaching we co-create with the support of our angels and guides in the areas of Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. We first look at how our environment supports us; epigenetics, structured water, exposure to xenoestrogens, feng-shui, and lower energies in our spaces. We look for any blocks from abundance in our past, present and future and heal any current and past issues that keep us stuck or in pain. The angels help us in all these areas and also including holding our space in love, gratitude and awareness to see things differently.  We learn how to Empower Self-Love and Beauty as well as welcome open doors to abundance, love, relationships and career opportunities. When confronted with disappointment we learn how to hold space in awareness of how we feel, breathe and let go. We focus on our desires and as we connect to our soul path we learn how my Knowledge – Desire – Create – Action formula can support us to manifest our ideal career or job.

The angels also help us truly feel joy in our lives. To live a life of joy and bliss means you are integrated with your soul, aligned on your soul path and have discovered your true essence. To be in aligned with your soul means you are aligned with your mental, emotional and spiritual self.  Our purpose however may change because we are always growing, learning and feeling a truth. Feeling a truth because knowing is controlling and sets limitations whereas feeling is based on where we are in our learning process which is constantly changing and evolving. When our mind and our emotions are combined then the learning takes place. We also have free will which allows us to learn lessons and make new paths.

Let’s talk about AWARENESS which is the A in A.C.T. As we grow spiritually we becoming more consciously aware of the changes that need to take place to move us closer to a higher vibration of 5D energy and the changes needed to live a life of bliss and joy. Your awareness helps to develop CLARITY or a clearer vision of the direction needed to take action and TRANSFORM.

I have witnessed major healing and transformations in my work and co-creating with our angels and guides have made this possible along with the tools needed in divine timing. In my courses; Spiritual Coaching Basics and Spiritual Coaching for an Inspired Life we learn these tools for living in joy. My Working with Angels Guides and Ascended Masters Course amplifies our communication with our angelic team and spiritual growth.

By Erica Grooms, Author, Instructor


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