What is your Relationship with Money?

What we learn about money usually is acquired between the ages of 0-7. The subconscious mind will keep creating those beliefs to protect you.

We are familiar with the law of attraction; negative energy attracts negative things, positive attracts like. Thoughts create form. It is a power, actually a you-niversal power because you are one with the you-niverse. Want comes from a state of mind lack or ego. Manifestation comes from pure intent and trust.

When we start to balance ourselves we are showing love of God because we are showing self-love. Mastery is balance. We come from survival with the brain. When we clear the clutter we increase our intuition because we become more balanced. The brain will marry with our intuitive self and we become more quantum. The more intuitive the more synchronicity. When others appear, love them, teach them this is the balance that will save the planet. This is the act of compassion that will help our ascension. Using your intuition to be in the right place at the right time is synchronicity and that leads to co-creation singing and dancing along the journey!

Most often the belief is not as much of a problem as the second phase of the belief.

For example:

In order to be successful you must constantly work hard and strive for what you want. The problem becomes from receiving from what we are doing or striving for not from doing.

Or proving our worth to earn in the future not in the now. We get stuck in the expectations of future rewards vs receiving in the now. So we have problems receiving our rewards now. Even if you get it you can’t seem to keep it.

Somewhere you may have made vows of poverty. Or you may have lived in a community where you didn’t need to manage money, everyone shared, no one needed anything or was without so you learned to always give what you had away.

Anyway I believe that all of this can be released for two reasons. The first reason is that with pure intent and the willingness to release and let go is very powerful. Secondly because of our ascension we have to ability to access our Akash in our DNA where we were not able to in the past.

By Erica Grooms


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