The Fear of Stepping Out

When we experience fear we often times ignore or deny it. Those of you who are in some kind of business know how this applies to call reluctance. We ignore our fears yet we still don’t make the call to our prospect to turn them into an appointment. We all have heard about the things we can do about call reluctance. We are told to plan our time with an emphasis on our call or phone time in our schedule. We are told to recognize that it is a numbers game and it is an important part of the process to get to the sale. So many dials equal so many appointments equal so many sales. If someone is standing over us making us do it we become resentful. After all this is taking away our freedom and puts us in a micromanaged environment which always gets resistance from independent souls. It may work for awhile but it usually doesn’t last. I’d also like to add that fear also applies to our business in other ways. Fear can get in the way of stepping out of our comfort zone in other areas of our business. Other activities where fear comes into play have to do with our growth in our business and of course are in direct proportion to our earnings. For most of us it is about keeping small. If we keep small we won’t have to put our self out there. We won’t have to be recognized. We won’t have to be expected to do certain things. We won’t have to keep up the pace. We won’t have to go on stage, speak in front of a group or be in front of whatever it is we are doing. For many of us it means we don’t have to leave our house! This is mostly about self worth and like most everything else it comes down to self love. Although for now I would like to give you another perspective on this subject.

When we experience fear if we ignore it and push it aside as if it doesn’t exist and tell ourselves it has to be something else we can often come up with another reason. After all the company I work for is not really that good and when you think about it you can come up with all the negative things about the company you work for. Or maybe it is because you are growing spiritually and so now you are suppose to be doing something else. The worse mistake people make is by thinking that there spiritual growth means they have to change jobs or occupations. Sometimes it happens that you do change jobs or careers as long as you are not controlling the outcomes of your spiritual growth. Our lives will just unfold with grace and we will ask ourselves “why is this so easy”. We often get in our own way. I see this so much because of ego and control. We think we have to control everything of it won’t work out. If we are relentlessly nudged and connecting to our paths and it is clear we need to make changes then the you-niverse will position you to do so. I believe when we come fully in touch with our true essence and are aligned with our soul path that we will be guided and people places and things will change around us in order to position us right where we are meant to be in divine timing. I am reminded that Matt Kahn says mastering our spiritual growth is finding a way to serve others within the scope of what we are all ready doing or have been doing in our current careers.

So, back to fear when we are experiencing fear we often stop breathing or our breath becomes very shallow. Our bodies respond to not breathing in a way that it prepares us for death, this is scientific. Not breathing actually speeds up our aging process. Therefore one of the secrets to longevity is to breathe fully!  When we experience fear the first step is to have a consciousness about our breathing. Fully breathing and observing our breath is the first step. Notice what we are recognizing in the moment. Be kind to yourself and do not place judgment or ego on the experience. It is most important to just feel and observe. To observe yourself feeling is you connecting to fifth dimensional frequency. This is your higher self integrated into your chakra system. Observe in unconditional love with no judgment. We need to show up for ourselves and this is the first step.

The second step is to feel the truth about how much you are loved when you are feeling fear and unworthiness. I’d like to inspire you to change your consciousness around this. When we breathe with our fears they can be transformed to excitement! Look at it this way. Pretend you are a singer getting ready to go out and stand on the stage. The fear comes up, you get anxious, you recognize and feel the moment taking deep breaths and all of a sudden you are overcome with excitement! You realize that you have an opportunity to share the love, to share your passion, shine your light and to serve. Each of us are worthy of sharing our love. Maybe you are not a singer but you believe in what you do. Replace the activity with that feeling deep inside you of love. Love trumps fear every time! Let your work become an expression of love feel it and vibrate in love. Each of us are worthy of sharing this love. There are no coincidences you are exactly where you are meant to be. You are here because you are meant to be! Everything happens in divine timing. When you stumble it is meant to help you rise up and rediscover that which you already know. Now is the time to connect to the wondrous gift that you are and shine your light on the world. Some of you fear you are inadequate. Some of you have fear that you are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us sometimes. You may be asking yourself ‘who am I to be so brilliant, capable and talented”? Actually, who are you not to be? You are capable of doing and achieving things that you can’t even imagine. You are a child of God, a spark. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, to sparkle to manifest the glory of God/Divine Spirit that is within us. As we let our own lite shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fears our presence automatically liberates others! Remind yourself that you have a whole you-niverse to support you!  You have a team of angels that are with you ever step of the way and have been with you since the beginning. Your angels are so committed so determined to support you and they love you beyond your comprehension. Remember it is always all ways about love!

The third step is to place “service” first in your work activities. The emphasis is not on the call that is the easiest activity there is to do! The emphasis is in the follow-up it is whatever activity you have to do that places you in a position of service to others. Our greatest expression of love is to first serve ourselves then to serve others because love is the ultimate goal of fifth dimensional frequency. So, it is in the follow-up activities where the fortune is. To put it another way our abundance is in direct proportion to the work we put in the follow-up. It is hard to not service ourselves or others without holding space in love and that is the way it should be. I say this because I feel it does take an effort. Love is where we begin and since we are eternal it never ends. We must first love ourselves and it takes an effort to service ourselves. In the whole spectrum of spirituality if all we did was to learn how to love ourselves better I feel it would be enough. If you acquire a new customer in your work it is how you service that customer that makes the difference. If your customer becomes a client then it is because you removed your ego and replaced it with love. So, you got out of the way and allowed your client to follow their own heart after you shared the love that the product or service provided to them. You became focused on the service and the love that the product or service would provide to your customer. You asked them for the sale and then you gave them space and let them decide. You allow them to decide on the benefit of the service to them. Look at the sale as the first step because that is the beginning of being in service to others that is where the follow-up begins. Think of it another way. Think of the physiology behind why people make buying decisions. Did you remove ego, beliefs and judgment as the salesperson or the practitioner? Does the client feel the benefit behind the service? Does it make them feel love in some way? Does it make them feel safe and secure?  What is their perception behind the service? Many people make their buying decisions on how they feel they will receive service. Word of mouth is very powerful. So step up make the call that is the easy thing to do!  Deep breaths and feel the love!

~ Erica Grooms


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