PTSD Intervention Coaching

PTSD....A global crisis.....created by bad things happening to honorable people doing the right thing.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) affects not just the person who has it it affects those around and friends.  There is Help. There is Hope.

Neurokinesis does not require you to tell your story and go back into the pain. This is an Intervention Coaching and not counseling or therapy.

Neurokinesis Intervention Hand Technique, has been proven to rapidly act on the neurons and neuroglia to actually change the brain in the current moment.

It in no way negatively impacts your military benefits or status. As a client, you are taught the Hand Technique so you can clear your own secrets including the fear, the anxiety, the anger, the shame, the hurt that go with them.


  • Suicide prevention
  • Immediate symptom relief
  • Long term symptom relief
  • Severe Symptom relief
  • Re-adaptive re-entry and relationship resolution and enhancement

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